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      Online Shopping Mall
      Telephone:  +86-21-61263333   Email:  info@glbiochem.com
    Add:  519 Zi Yue Road, Shanghai 200241, China
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    About GL

    GL Biochem is an internationally recognized biochemical manufacturing company that specializes in the production of peptide reagents, custom peptides and antibodies. GL Biochem is based in Shanghai, China where a 50,000 square foot headquarter and research facility is located. There are 5 manufacturing sites and 2 Research & Development centers that all together total over 350,000 square feet. We employ over 1000 science professionals with strong Biotech industry backgrounds. Our highly qualified staff which includes over 13 years of GL management experience and our modern facilities allow GL Biochem is to provide high quality, value-added peptide related products. We support today leading medical researchers all over the world.

    Peptides: custom peptides, catalogue peptides, pharmaceutical peptides, cosmetic peptides
    Antibodies: monoclonal antibody, polyclonal antibody
    Amino acids and derivates: unnatural amino acids, N-methyl amino acids, Boc-amino acids and derivates, Fmoc-amino acids and derivates, etc

    Binhai Facility
    Danyang Facility
    Wuxi Facility
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      Government Relation
    Top Chinese leaders Mr. Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Xi Jinping and so on visited GL Biochem and met up with Miss Zhou Min, general manager of GL.
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